Codex Seraphinianus

-Luigi Serafini

The “strangest art book ever made” is back in print, and it’s a steal at $84.00 (this used to go for 250-500). The Codex is an encyclopedia of an alien world conceived of by a mind somewhere between Jim Woodring and Albertus Seba. The whole thing is written in a language unique to this book, which can supposedly be decrypted using the booklet in the back (if you can figure out how to use it).

The art and the book itself is beautiful beyond description. Flipping through this book gives you the feeling that you are holding something you aren’t meant to see, like something Doctor Who forgot in the coffee shop when he noticed the barista was a cyberman. It seems alien and ancient, virtually every detail of its production adds to the effect, right down to the large, rough pages it’s printed on.