-Hellucination by Stephen Biro

Full disclosure, I’ve known Stephen for years. He told me about the experience in the early 2000’s and said he was going to write a book about it. So, if the true-story thing is a marketing ploy, he deserves a cookie. Everything about the premise intrigued me. I mean, the dude brought Guinea Pig to America then wrote a series of books about meeting God. How can you not read that?

Of the many trip-though-Hell books I’ve read, Hellucination is probably the most interesting. Even if it wasn’t as entertaining as it is, the biographical element makes this a must-read for anyone who is interested in the connection between psychedelics and religious experience. He was sober for some of the most intense experiences, so either he’s completely insane, he actually broke through the barrier between normal altered consciousness and something else, or he’s a damn good liar. Decide for yourself.